Saturday, December 23, 2017

Enough to Make You Blush Book Review

After dragging my feet all year, I finally got to purchasing my copy of Enough to Make You Blush by Princess Kali. Princess Kali is a former dominatrix who published this book as a comprehensive guide for erotic humiliation in its various forms and how to incorporate that into your life whether it is through play scenes or just something to try in the bedroom with a romantic partner. As someone involved in kink for several years it is a great reference to inform you on how to negotiate boundaries and safety plans with a play partner to ensure both of you are protected in the case of unintended harm or crises during a scene. I also like how she breaks down different forms of humiliation, with embarrassment being on the lighter side of the spectrum while degradation is on the more extreme side.

What I did want to highlight for the embarrassment lovers are the chapters she dedicates to nudity. I'm currently working on another Immodest Collection anthology and hit a wall recently with one story. Enough to Make You Blush breaks down all the ways you can incorporate nudity with humiliation and dives into the psychological elements, such as the difference between the presence or absence of an audience with nudity as well as the power dynamics when someone nude is paired with someone who is clothed. When you rope (no pun intended) this in with her other chapters on humiliation such as verbal play, teasing, financial domination, or even chastity play, this book is an excellent source for different forms of embarrassing situations to help you think outside the box.

Despite talking about shame and embarrassment, this book does a great job of normalizing erotic humiliation as a kink. It does not act as a gatekeeper for what is and is not acceptable and contains personal accounts from other kinksters' experiences with erotic humiliation. I know personally for me when I identified "embarrassed nude females" as a kink I did struggle with it as I felt like I was twisted or abnormal in some way. I also wanted to know what it was about this kink that clicked for me. Most of the introspection and processing was done on my own, but I would have loved this book had it been around because I needed to hear that I'm not the only one who finds erotic humiliation sexy. I've recently had followers talk with me about their interest in exploring embarrassment and have asked me where they could find more information. Unfortunately there isn't much out there beyond deviant art and a few specific forums. Enough to Make You Blush is a much needed blessing and while it doesn't specifically cover "embarrassed nude females," it is still a key text that you should check out as you explore your own relationship with erotic embarrassment. Also for the embarrassed panty lovers, there is a section exploring panty play and humiliation as well that you'll enjoy ;).

You can purchase your copy of Enough to Make You Blush here. Also be sure to check out Princess Kali's website for more information on humiliation.

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